ACE - Aged Care Emergency Service – support for Residential Aged Care

Aged Care Emergency (ACE) brings together a multi organisational approach to enable people at the care delivery interface to detect the deteriorating patient and determine the right care requirements in the right place for residents of residential aged care facilities

What is the ACE Service?

The ACE service provides telephone advice and support for nurses and carers in aged care facilities.

This can assist staff in making decisions about the management of unexpected health problems.

The service is staffed by specially trained nurses who understand the needs of aged care patients and use guidelines developed specifically for the aged care environment.

The service aims to support GPs and aged care staff to provide the best care for aged care residents in a familiar environment and avoid any unnecessary transfers to hospital.

How does the ACE service work?

Nurses and carers in the aged care facility are provided with a contact number they can call for advice and support about an ill resident.

Working through special guidelines and considering your loved one’s needs and wishes, they can decide on the best outcome at the time of the call and any actions that need to be taken.

If your loved one needs to be transferred to hospital the ACE staff can assist in the process to ensure that the hospital is prepared for dealing with an aged care patient with specific and/or complex needs.

The ACE program currently operates across areas of the Hunter and New England. For more details on the program please click here 

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