How well do we prevent disease?


HNECC PHN works with general practice to maintain high immunisation rates for their patients and to help reduce vaccine preventable disease. General Practitioners are one of the main groups that can improve Australia’s childhood immunisation levels as they are the main point of contact with children under the age of seven. General practices can also consider the special vaccination needs of their vulnerable populations such as those over the age of 65 years and those with chronic medical conditions.

In general, rates of immunisation across the HNECC region are better than the national rates. While improvement in all immunisation rates would be beneficial, it is the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander childhood immunisation rates, particularly within the New England North West region which need further attention and consideration.


Australia has three national cancer screening programs all of which aim to protect health through early detection.

In order to achieve the most benefit to our population from these programs, high participation rates are needed. As shown in the following infographic, participation rates in our region for these programs are slightly higher than NSW rates.

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